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Billie's career began at the age of 15 when she was signed up to EMI Records after being spotted on a Smash Hits commercial. She set about releasing her debut single, ‘Because We Want To’, which went on to make her the youngest artist to ever debut at number one. Billie wasn't to be a one hit wonder though as her follow-up single ‘Girlfriend’ also debuted at number one.


After this, Honey to the B, Billie's debut album was released and sold more than three million copies in the UK alone, certifying it double platinum. She subsequently won the Smash Hits Poll Award for Princess of Pop. Billie then released ‘She Wants You’, the third single from the album, which reached number three in the charts, as well as ‘Honey to the Bee’, which was released later on as the fourth single. Re-entering the charts in 2007 at number 11, more than eight years after it was first released, it was clear this is one of the favourites.


In 1999, Billie was nominated for two BRIT Awards and won two awards at the 1999 Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party, but it didn't stop there: Billie went on to tour in Asia and also recorded the theme song for Pokemon: The First Movie, 'Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can)'.


The turn of the millennium saw a third chart topper, ‘Day and Night’ raced to No. one whilst ‘Something Deep Inside' followed, reaching number four. But this was to be her last major success. The second album, which would be certified silver, reaching 14 in the charts also had a single of the same name peaking at number 25 – Walk of Life. Following this and an unpleasant court battle with a stalker, Piper decided it was time to hang up the microphone and turn to her original passion, acting.


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